Language skills and knowledge of an organisation’s leaders and employees have an enormous impact on the activity and success of the company. Not only can you spare the cost of translators and interpreters, but an effective presentation, negotiation or conversation can make a professional impression that will create a positive and trustworthy image in your partners and clients.

Learning a language takes time. However, language coaching can significantly reduce this time. Since the method is extremely goal-oriented, the client only focuses on whatever language they will need for completing a certain task, and the process targets long-term memory, it is much more cost-effective than a never-ending language course.

Language coaching is most effective when used for projects. Az imminent presentation, negotiation, business trip abroad or any event in the life of a company requiring the knowledge of another language could call for a quick and efficient solution. Still, coaching does not only prepare for a specific upcoming event but the methods applied will produce long-term results, so you are ready for any future presentations, negotiations or business trips.

As leaders value efficiency the most, it is crucial that the coach they work with is qualified and competent, both in the English language and the method and processes of language coaching. Zsófia Kocsárdi holds an internationally recognised language coach certification, has experience of over ten years in teaching leaders and has gained significant international experience. For further information about the coach, click here:

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