What will happen?

The language coaching relationship starts with a thorough language test and needs analysis, which will help you identify the final goal, the most suitable process and the ideal schedule. Following setting up the basic structure the sessions take place according to the agreed schedule, the goal is constantly reiterated and reconsidered and your language usage is subject to regular evaluation. Work done outside sessions is scheduled as it supports your improvement and your learning to be more efficient. During the coaching conversations your coach will make sure you feel comfortable, confident and successful.

What will I have to do?

Your coach will do their best to keep you on the road towards your goal. Your job is to take part in the sessions at the agreed times, be committed to completing the action plans devised, take responsibility for your own successes and weaknesses and engage in honest conversations about your progress. Your coach will be responsible for creating the environment in which your learning takes place at maximum efficiency. Meanwhile, your efforts will all be focused on the target language and usage.

How does it work?

As language coaching is perfectly tailor-made and personalised, specific plans can only be designed after the initial analysis. The plans, however, may be subject to change during the process. Coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, via phone or online; the suggested length of one session is 90 minutes, and sessions can be scheduled – depending on the goal – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or daily, if the goal is urgent.

How long will it last?

The length of the language coaching relationship largely depends on the distance between the starting point and the goal, your attitude and motivation, (which the coach will aim to maintain throughout), but it might be determined by the time available, too. In some cases a few sessions might be sufficient, while bigger projects may require several months, with varying regularity of sessions. As soon as you feel you have reached your goal, the coaching relationship ends.