‘You can’t speak a language fluently until you find out who you are in that language, and that has as much to do with your body as it does with vocabulary and grammar.’
Fred Frith

Language coaching is a personalised, goal-oriented process that will help the language user take specific steps towards the ultimate goal.
Speaking a foreign language is not merely about the language. Language coaching is a personalised and goal-oriented process that combines methods of coaching and language teaching, utilises what we know about the brain and takes all aspects of the language as well as skills and qualities of its user into consideration, such as cultural differences, personal preferences, learning style, learning pace, motivation, strengths and weaknesses. It offers a quick and efficient solution for handling tasks in the foreign language. It is extremely beneficial for those who have come to a block in their language learning or have mastered the language at such a level that it is only seemingly minor details that need improvement and yet the change could result in visible improvement in the quality of the use of English within a short period of time.

Coaching provides help for those speaking English as a foreign language at a minimum of B1 level whose language use plays a critical role in their work.
Language coaching is an ideal solution for them when they
• are preparing for an English language project (negotiation, job interview, meeting, conference, presentation, etc.)
• would like to increase the efficinency of their learning
• need to make immediate progress
• are aiming to perfect their learning strategies
• feel stuck at a level
• wish to improve a specific skill
• are proficient but certain areas need perfecting for better performance in their job
• are preparing for a trip or an English course abroad and aim to maximise the use of the stay or the course

The process plays a major part in developing and improving autonomous learning and enables the client to become the best language learner and user they can possibly be.


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