When I started coaching with Zsófi, I had no idea how I would know if a coach did a good job. However, after a few sessions I realised I had a different attitude to thinking about problems. I’d adapted a conscious and organised approach to dealing with issues that had seemed impossible to solve. It was then that I realised that this was the result of Zsófi’s professional work. Thank you Zsófi!

Éva Hajnal,Budapest

What can I say about someone who still believed in me when I didn’t… THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart

László Szabó, Budapest

A highly structured and personalised method that really focuses on the student’s needs.

Róbert Czétényi, HRM Solutions

I had read about coaching prior to the session but had no idea how it could be related to language. I love the fact that it is tailored and the student is involved in the process. In my opinion this is a highly efficient way of learning, especially if you have a base to start out from and to improve. I love the flexible nature of the conversation, which is managed by the student and can take any direction. This helps to reduce any feeling of discomfort. Even feedback is discussed and analysed in cooperation, which provides more opportunity to learn. I highly recommend language coaching to everyone!

R.H., Budapest

Language coaching is an extremely useful method; when learning a language in adulthood it is essentail to have realistic goals and tools that work. Enrolling for a language course in itself won’t give you these. As now I have significantly less time to spend on learning a language than as a student, I must make the most of it and work towards what I really need to do in English.

Tünde Pappné Mike, Freshka Design Kft.

In terms of preparation and results I got exactly what I needed. Besides, it all happened in a friendly environment and good company.

Árpád Szabó, Budapest

The method of Avant Coaching is fantastic and useful for all business people who need to negotiate, do business and communicate in a foreign language. Your sophisticated, beautiful, clear business negotiation style is established with the help of coaching tools. I can only recommend it to anyone who feels their language skills need fine-tuning. Thank you for the opportunity to improve my skills with you!

Mirtill Szabó, Managing Director, CertUnion Kft.

Sessions are super, I can only recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their English without noticing the effort. There are no bulk exercises that you drill 500 times, no book to stick to, it is all entirely tailor-made.

I believe what speaks for itself is the fact that speaking – whether at an exam or not – is my weakness. Keeping that in mind we had so much practice – while sessions were enjoyable and not at all routine – that I reached 92% in speaking at the exam. What was my weakness turned out to be my strength.

Ildikó Rózsa, CertUnion Kft.

A great opportunity for someone who doesn’t know where to start or continue learning a language.

Before the first session I thought I knew what the best way was for me to learn a language (even though the past 20 years were no proof of that). As sessions passed it became clearer and clearer that I should focus on something totally different than before if I want to reach my goal.

Krisztina K.